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    Features selection of the finished dishes Kitchen set is one of the most complex and technologically advanced form of furniture and equipment, so when buying you should pay attention ...
  2. 10 dangerous American toys of the past decade and the rollers with which they were advertised 12 September 2015 в 19:59:31
    The generation of baby boomers completely disregard this (by modern standards) of which were children. Their children went in cars not equipped with special seats for kids, not wearing GPS locators,...
  3. Cubed design. Competition project for a mountain “hut” in the High Tatras (Slovakia) 25 October 2014 в 13:42:15
    In the framework of the international competition Kežmarská Chata by Czech Studio Atelier 8000 developed the project of mountain huts (Cuboidal Mountain Hut), the location of which is determi...
  4. The interior of BoConcept in the project of Ekaterina Ushakova and Natalia Sergeeva 31 may 2015 в 03:46:40
    An example of how you can decorate interior furniture BoConcept, offered designers Natalia Sergeeva and Ekaterina Ushakova. "Our task was to create a harmonious interior, the space that would...

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Choose a sliding wardrobe
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