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  1. 13 of the coolest toys that you can do with your hands 30 January 2015 в 19:44:50
    To be the coolest parent in the world it is not necessary to spend a lot of money on gifts to the child. It is much more like a trinket made by mom or dad. And these 13 toys - is not the limit of fa...
  2. Collection of cozy upholstered furniture from the Italian brand 31 July 2014 в 10:13:46
    Soft sofas and chairs, resembling a huge feather pillows, has long been popular among connoisseurs of comfort. The famous Italian brand presented another collection very soft and cozy furniture. Mod...
  3. Lamps from old chips. Light from lamps Сircuit board 21 may 2015 в 15:56:11
    What happens with the motherboards and chips that are obsolete? At best, they can be turned into scrap metal. So you want only to rejoice for the makers are not only successfully used the old ch...
  4. Thorough new straight from Italy 22 September 2015 в 00:11:36
    Furniture Italian master Antonio Citterio never ceases to amaze its admirers with new furniture projects. And this time he presented a collectioncal...

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Ceilings: the mounting hardwar
Ceilings: the mounting hardwar
Suspended ceiling system is almost a univ...
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