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  1. In Switzerland create furniture of the robots 07 June 2015 в 09:48:32
    More than amazing furniture was developed by the specialists of the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne. Its peculiarity is that it is designed ...
  2. The set of suspension upholstered furniture for a romantic environment 18 September 2014 в 16:36:16
    Another product of the famous German companyspecializing in the production of original pieces of furniture for the home and garden, admired for its lightness and airiness. “Floating” living room is ...
  3. Doll 08 July 2015 в 18:09:41
    Girls and dolls, a concept in many ways, inseparable. If for boys there are machines, machines, designers and other toys for girls dolls can replace a whole huge range. And with the development of ...
  4. 15 devices that can make daily life convenient 16 April 2015 в 11:35:46
    Looking at these useful things, wonder why they are still not in wide use. In our review of 15 things that life will become easier, more convenient and brighter.1. Circular socket In such a socket, ...

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What to do if flooded neighbor
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