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  1. Kinoya restaurant / tavern in the Japanese style on the streets of Montreal 25 October 2014 в 13:48:42
    Wooden restaurant interior Kinoya – the work of designer Jean de Lessard. He has transformed the former box here, dark space in an intricate and dynamic. Couched in a particular style, ...
  2. Tips from Irina Kovylina: the drape winter 31 may 2015 в 02:13:05
    The decorator continues to tell the readers of the Situation.com on how to transform your home and make it cozy and fashionable. "As you know, you need to prepare the sleigh in summer. As winter...
  3. Poetic symbolism installations Words. 20 bottles 20 variations of rainy weather 25 October 2014 в 14:48:32
    For the Paris exhibition Maison&Objet 2014 Japanese Studio Nendo has developed the "rainy" installation. One word "rain" in Japanese, there are dozens of words describing the nuances of this ph...
  4. Giant transformers, collected from scrap metal by Chinese craftsmen 01 April 2015 в 01:55:56
    Chinese farmer and his son came up with creative recycling of scrap metal from nearby landfills. They create giant transformers. Characters from popular franchises, assembled by skilled craftsmen, n...

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Computer table SC-8
Russia, Moscow region, Ivanovo
Based on 2 reviews.
The Mantilla Sofa
Russia, Moscow region
Wardrobe Gelendzhik
Russia, Kaliningrad
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Prolongs the life of furniture
Prolongs the life of furniture
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