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  1. Drinke for the Christmas tree by Natalia Novikova 22 may 2015 в 18:06:58
    Drinky - Christmas toys invented . The designer makes them from wood, painted with acrylic paints, decorated with ribbons, beads, beads and knitted details. Drinke made of plywood and are saf...
  2. WITHINGS wireless blood pressure monitor that can be controlled from your smartphone 12 October 2014 в 01:41:20
    The field of smart devices is constantly expanding. Now to measure the blood pressure using a wireless pressure monitor that consists of a cuff, and the measurement data are stored in the cloud.On t...
  3. Colorful Favelas Of Rio. The Favela Painting project 21 may 2015 в 12:35:39
    Sometimes urban areas are so unattractive, sad and depressed, it is time to think about their "aesthetic ecology", which is what makes the artistic Duo Haas&Hahn. The joint work of the Dutch ...
  4. Nurlan turekhanov about Elaine, mirrors, design and the future 19 may 2015 в 23:57:51
    About the Situation wrote six months ago, around the time we learned about the construction of the image due to the reflected colors. At our request, Nurlan turekhanov, Creator of the unique...

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Selection criteria massage cha
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