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BAUHAUS 3 (master bedroom) Bed (1400)

Brand: Glazovskaya mebelnaya fabrika
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Beds headboards made from BAUHAUS trend decor Oak SONOMA, and contrasting framing and supports thick (49 mm) to the foot — in decor Walnut Chocolate. In the collection a range of sizes of beds 5 widths: 1800 mm, 1600 mm, 1400 mm, 1200 mm and 900 mm. collapsible stationary base to them made as a separate item and is not tied to any of the collections of furniture. It is possible to order the base from metal or from wood that is listed in the title. For example: "BAUHAUS 5 Bed (900)+ 5.1. Base with flexible slats (900) Tree" corresponds to the order Beds 5 (900) with orthopedic wooden base, appropriate to the size of the bed. To create a small modern functional layout of cabinets is possible by combining 2 Cabinet: 7 Cabinet for 8 linen and a Wardrobe. The facades of the cabinets can be hung on the right and on the left side, according to Your wishes. To give the originality of this arrangement will allow the BAUHAUS decorative module 51 Passepartout (FR. passe-partout). Sleek design 6 bedside Tables emphasizes cover of thick chipboard 22 mm and a contrast handle is of beech. Ball guides cabinets handle big loads and have a smooth action when opening/closing drawers. Handles may be installed on either side of the facade, as You will be more comfortable.


General information

  • BAUHAUS 1 (master bedroom)

Dimensions and weight

  • 1473 mm
  • 2097 mm
  • 1009 mm
    Width of berth:
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