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Bed Flirt-2

Bed Flirt-2

Brand: Alyans XXI vek
Country: Russia, Moscow region Vladimir
Contacts: 8 (4922) 37-62-01, 8 (4922) 38-89-72
Our employees are the most honest and good! Like our products! They best quality! They say BUY ME!
Delivery: Our furniture factory is delivering all of our products in the cities of the Central region Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Ryazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladimir, etc., as well as other cities and regions of Russia. Delivery of goods by transport companies is carried out only in Moscow and Moscow region!!! Production delivery in other cities and regions of Russia through the transport company "auto", "GRUZOVOZOFF" etc!!! Please note that the delivery of the products separately, and depends on location of delivery. The possibility and cost of delivery in Moscow and the Moscow region please specify when ordering products at the company's office.


In contrast to the model Flirt-1, a modern and functional bed Flirt-2 looks more spacious and convenient. It gives you the chance to relax in comfort people with even a very large increase, because one of the backs is not present. Made from solid pine, it will allow you to sleep without worrying about their health. And the versatile design of this double beds makes it possible not to depend on the interior of the bedroom.

Attention! The price of the bed does not include the cost of the mattress. Mattress you can choose here


Bed Flirt-2 h/200(solid pine)    
Bed Flirt-2 120 x 190/200(solid pine)    
Bed Flirt-2 140 * 190/200(solid pine)    
Bed Flirt-2 h/200(solid pine)    
Bed Flirt-2 180x190/200(solid pine)    
Bed Flirt-2 h/200(Solid beech)    
Bed Flirt-2 120 x 190/200(Solid beech)    
Bed Flirt-2 140 * 190/200(Solid beech)    
Bed Flirt-2 h/200(Solid beech)    
Bed Flirt-2 180x190/200(Solid beech)    
Bed Flirt-2 h/200(Solid oak)    
Bed Flirt-2 120 x 190/200(Solid oak)    
Bed Flirt-2 140 * 190/200(Solid oak)    
Bed Flirt-2 h/200(Solid oak)    
Bed Flirt-2 180x190/200(Solid oak)    

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Alliance XXI century

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Furniture factory "Alliance of the twenty-first century" (Vladimir) produces furniture of high quality and ecologically clean material – pine, beech and oak for bedrooms and children's rooms.

Furniture made of pine, beech and oak combined with artistic wrought iron and rattan linen is very popular and won the love and recognition of hundreds of thousands of customers across the country.

At the factory using modern technologies of wood processing, which make it insensitive to humidity changes, while preserving the natural and unique beauty of nature. More than 10 kinds of colors of finished products using the dye of Italian production will be offered to Your attention.
the Main specialization of the company is production and sale of bedroom furniture, in particular the production of double beds , single beds , children's beds , chests of drawers, dressing table , Ottomans, bedside tables, cabinets made of solid wood and furniture made of laminated chipboard (laminated chipboard).
All products are made according to the individually developed technology and meets quality standards. 
a Leading material for the manufacture of furniture is solid pine in combination with artistic forging and radiovym cloth. 
Natural wood never goes out of fashion, brings home the warmth and comfort. 
Wood breathes, warms and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the room. 
Modern technologies of wood processing allow to make it insensitive to humidity changes, while maintaining estestvennosti and unique beauty of nature. 
Beds are going for steel furniture ties, providing ease of Assembly. Your attention is invited to more than 10 kinds of colors using dyes made in Italy. 
the Colour palette ranges from natural wood colors to dark tones. Personality and style are dominant for the production companies Alliance twenty-first century.

Viewing the catalog products factory, You make sure that personality and style are dominant for the production of furniture factory "Alliance of the twenty-first century".