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the Tulip

the Tulip

Brand: Bitel
Country: Russia, Nizhny Novgorod region, Dzerzhinsk
Contacts: (8313) 25-18-81, (8313) 26-19-29
See our kitchen! Very! Very nice to cook! Just culinary miracles will always occur now in your home.
Delivery: delivery Time: 10-14 working days Delivery In Moscow delivery to the entrance free. Additional conditions: In the design of goods on credit, pre-payment will be 20% of the total order. Additional terms of delivery: the Garden and the Third transport delivery is before 7:00 am. Delivery to the TTC plus 500 rubles to order. Beyond the MKAD 30 rubles/km. the shipping company to Transport 500 rubles. Overload on vehicles, 500 rubles.


Corner sofa with 2 drawers. The frame chipboard. The PVC edge. Heat-resistant plastic tabletop. UNIVERSAL corner, going in the right ("G"), and in the left-hand version ("7").
Consists of: open Kitchen + table + 2 stools.

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