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Kitchen Raspberry

Kitchen Raspberry

Brand: Aleana Mebel
Country: Russia
Contacts: +7(499) 372-0702
Furniture world is around us! furniture makes our lives nicer and more comfortable! Compare living conditions with the conditions 100 years ago and relaxed lean against the back of your new sofa
Delivery: If the furniture is ready and available in stock, the delivery time may vary from 1 to 3 days from date of order. (Possible pickup from our warehouse). If the furniture needs to be manufactured or ordered for production, the period of delivery can be from 3 to 30 days. (Depending on the product and the manufacturer. More accurate delivery of a product to clarify our statement.) Delivery of furniture in Moscow within the ring road can be both free and paid. (Depending on the product and the manufacturer.) When ordering furniture from various manufacturers and suppliers delivery may be made at one time. If shipping Your products paid for, we paid for each delivery separately. The exact cost of delivery or Assembly is agreed for each order individually. Shipping Furniture to Russia is carried out only to the transport company in Moscow. The shipping company the buyer selects their own. (For more details please contact operator)


Code: #5900 Category: Modular kitchen furniture Material: chipboard, MDF Size: WxDxH 150/h/Hm Color: Raspberry Material: body -chipboard, facade - MDF with PVC film Size: Wxd 1500/h/h mm Delivery time: 1-2 weeks All kitchens can be supplied with wall panels, videotraining , sinks. (for details check with managers). Countertops and drying racks for dishes are included in the price of the headset. A distinctive feature is that the kitchen has the depth of the countertop on one side 400 mm ( tapering to save space in the kitchen) , while the other 600 mm( standard). Corner upper unit has a type of opening "BUTTERFLY", two corners of the facade are opened simultaneously, the design of a corner wall Cabinet makes it easy to reach any items in a wall Cabinet. In the kitchen shown in the photo includes: PAGE 600K – working table 600mm, depth 400mm (narrower) - RB PAGE 300K - working table for 300 mm, depth 400 mm (skinny) - RB PAGE W - working table angle to 800mm, depth 600mm (standard) - RB PAGE 400/3 - Desk worker at 400mm with 3 drawers, depth 600 mm (standard) - RB ST PAGE - table working under built-in appliances (oven and cooktop) to 600 mm, depth 600 mm (standard) - RB P 500/2 - Desk worker at 500mm with 2 drawers, depth 600 mm (standard) - RB SKIN 900C - mounted Cabinet with dish drainer width 900 mm ( at the bottom of the food under drying at 900 are set narrower modules PAGE 600K and STRC) - RB SKIN W mounted Cabinet 600mm corner with simultaneous opening of the doors of type "Butterfly" - RB SKIN 600/2 - mounted Cabinet Vitrina (with glass facade) to 600 mm with 2 hinged doors - 2700rub SCN 600 do the Cabinet above the stove 600 mm ( under waterco) - RB SKIN 500/2 IN mounted Cabinet Vitrina (with glass facade) at 500mm with 2 hinged doors - ru Kitchen set "Raspberry" you can change the size by adding or removing different modules. Production: Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region You can discuss with consultants all your questions on the size, dimensions and color palette.

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