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Kitchen Sollievo

Kitchen Sollievo

Brand: Patio kuhni
Country: Russia, Moscow and Moscow region
Contacts: +7 (495) 988-49-98
Look furniture for your kids! You do not have children?!?!? So you have to look and buy our bed!
Delivery: the designer/measurer(with the project from the salon) in Moscow and beyond the Moscow ring road up to 10 km - for free The designer/Gager outside the MKAD: 10 to 50 km; 50 to 100 km; 100 to 150 km; 150 to 200 km. Delivery in Moscow and within 10 km from Moscow ring road Delivery then 10 km from MKAD – 20p/km from MKAD The Assembly of kitchen furniture excluding vehicles - 10%


Artificial veneer of "the cliff" - stylish heat-resistant material used for the facades of the cuisines of series "Sollievo". Modern kitchen Clif is a pronounced surface structure of the material simulating a natural cut of wood with deep pores. All series "Patio Kitchen" can be combined with each other. The modern kitchen is gloss and artificial veneer will create a harmonious and stylish interior of your kitchen. The material of the facades: the cliff. Give the furniture a close! give furniture to friends! give the gift of furniture to colleagues at last! It's so nice!

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"Patio Kitchen" – the kitchen factory for the production of comfortable and beautiful furniture. The products are a wide range of consumers with different income levels. The range includes both classic and modern models.
In the "Patio Kitchen" series 16 a variety of cuisines, ranging  from classic to bright and modern. As well as a large range of worktops and built-in appliances. Thus, it is possible to pick up the kitchen any decor.
"Patio kitchen" is steadily gaining momentum factory kitchens for a very wide range of consumers. The range of this company includes the very affordable models, and premium collections that will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Exquisite, classic or minimalist modern design "Patio kitchen" creates kitchen sets in true Italian style, making the interior a touch of Mediterranean luxury.
Product quality guarantee modern equipment, on which they are produced. Companies IMA (Germany), SHELLING (Austria), BIESSE (Italy) and SCM (Italy) are among the best in the world for manufacturing high-quality plywood enclosure kitchen sets. Automated production lines guarantee a perfect cut, reliable application of protective edges and precise additive that ensures the integrity and durability of the structure. For the manufacture of facades used solid ash, alder, birch, Linden, MDF with different textures, glass profile Schuco (Shuko), natural and artificial veneer, chipboard and various combinations of these materials. "Patio kitchen" offers its customers the manufacturer of kitchen furniture to order for individual parameters and the desired design
Technical equipment of the factory presented new machines from Germany, Austria, Italy: IMA, also in this issue, BIESSE, SCM. They allow you to perform quality matting, cutting and additive of furniture, manufacture of the housing of chipboard. This is necessary to prolong the service life of furniture.