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Cuisine "Meal"-a Classic 2000mm(worktop 26mm)

Brand: Borovichi-mebel
Country: Russia, Novgorod region, Borovichi
Contacts: (81664) 2-11-03, (81664) 4-04-74
Look ahead! don't look back! and furniture and everything else will come to you! itself!
Delivery: delivery of furniture is unassembled, in the working days from 11:00 to 18:00. The shipping cost listed is for delivery of one order to one address. Shipping cost (to the entrance) in Moscow within the ring road and the 3rd Ring road - 1000 rubles. Shipping cost (to the entrance) within the 3rd Transport Ring - 1500 rbl. and is on Tuesdays. Important: in cases when the machine that delivers the furniture, can't drive up to the entrance (place of discharge) less than 20 meters, the customer will pay the movers a denunciation of furniture by hand to the entrance (the place of unloading), the cost is negotiated on the spot. Delivery outside the Moscow ring road (before the entrance) 1000 rubles to the Moscow ring road + 40 RUB/km, starting from the first kilometre outside the MKAD. The cost of delivery in Moscow to the transportation company is 1500rub.


трапеза 2000, ольха
sink 500
трапеза 2000, ольха
washing 800
трапеза 2000, ольха
sink inset
трапеза 2000, ольха
Sink round
трапеза 2000, ольха
трапеза 2000, ольха
трапеза 2000, ольха
Meal 2000, mint
трапеза 2000, ольха
meal 2000, PPE
трапеза 2000, ольха

Decor options

the facade PVC

What you like, not the fact that your children will love it! But this is not so important? Yes?

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JSC "Borovichi-Mebel" is a furniture manufacturer in Russia, has a modern production base, extensive business relationships, reputation of a reliable partner.

Over the years of its existence the factory has made considerable progress in the field of production and sales of upholstered and Cabinet furniture. 
Thanks to its advanced technologies, modern equipment and the use of environmentally friendly materials, our company holds a strong position in the furniture market of Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.
make furniture highly demanded due to the European quality level, q-factor and reasonable consumer-class price.

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