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dining Table Country

dining Table Country

Brand: TKAriadna
Country: Russia, Moscow region Noginsk
Contacts: 8-905-510-01-58, +7 (496) 519-55-76
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Delivery: delivery across Moscow within MKAD (at the purchase amount from 10 000 rubles) - free delivery in Moscow within Moscow ring road (at the purchase amount to 10,000 rubles) and 500 rubles, delivery outside the MKAD in the territory of the Moscow region - 500 rubles + 40 rubles per kilometer.The products are delivered to the entrance. If your house has a freight Elevator, then cost recovery will be calculated as 1% of the value of your order, but not less than 200 rubles. In the absence of a lift the cost of raising the floor will be calculated as 1.5% of purchase price for 1st floor, but not less than 250 rubles.


dining table, rectangular, array
Size : 100*60*76

In the world today is so much important and incredible that it is better to forget all and buy a new couch!

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Production company LLC "TC Ariadne" famous furniture market with 1992 was as a manufacturer of cheap wooden furniture. Our product range – dining tables, dining furniture sets, kitchen sets, coffee tables.

Participation in the large specialized exhibitions allow the team to maintain a high level of professionalism and be aware of the furniture industry. The company was awarded a diploma for participate in specialized furniture exhibition  2010 G.

The basis for the manufacture of our furniture is natural wood: solid oak, birch and pine. In the production we apply the latest  woodworking machinery technology, use of imported fittings. All these components allow you to create an attractive and environmentally friendly furniture that is reliable and modern design. The quality of products and used in the production of materials is confirmed with relevant certificates of quality.

Upgrading of equipment allows us to expand its production program to improve the quality and to increase the range  products. In  2010 was more than 15 types of tables have been upgraded. We are working on improvement of to expand the product range. Much attention is paid to the program "affordable furniture at an affordable price." Dining tables have a great selection of different sizes that will satisfy any taste of the buyer. Along with these, with high quality products, the price of the furniture over the past three years has not increased.

the Company LLC "TC Ariadne" works closely with their trading partners, providing them with promotional materials, samples of materials, catalogues, and We provide assistance to its clients in shipment transport companies or rail stations.

We always happy to expand our circle of partners and mutually beneficial cooperation.