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computer Table SC-8

computer Table SC-8

Brand: Alstrom / Alstrom
Country: Russia, Moscow region, Ivanovo
Contacts: +7-901-191-58-92, 8 (4932) 23-61-24
Check the inner filling and decor options from our consultants! So you will avoid problems and waste of time in the future!
Delivery: furniture delivery within MKAD - 1000 rubles delivery inside the TTR (Third Transport Ring) till 7 am and an additional +1000 rubles. Delivery for the Moscow ring road +30 rubles./km (exit for highway A-107 - 500 rubles.+30 rubles/km). The rise of 1.5% from room floor by foot, 3% of the cost of the Elevator. Assembly - the Assembly cost is calculated by the supplier. Delivery time - 14 days


Colour: the Italian nut, Alder

There are so many furniture that sometimes want absolute minimalism! But the tendency of society continue to keep us on a leash generally accepted Paterno!

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Alstrom furniture – a modern, dynamically developing enterprise producing high-quality and affordable home furniture.
Our work is built on the principles of continuous improvement, a detailed study of each question, professional growth of employees, improvement of technologies and improving the quality of manufactured products.

In the manufacture of furniture used Italian equipment with computer control, used only environmentally friendly materials, high quality components and accessories. Furniture factory Ahlstrom offers a handy modular multi-functional furniture at competitive prices. The company "Alstrom" uses  modern machines and equipment software office furniture production. This, combined with the use of modern and safe materials, makes our furniture ideal for any home.

The company "Alstrom" is the largest manufacturers of Cabinet furniture, as evidenced by the list of items in our sales. All the products are certified and produced on Italian equipment, which guarantees the build quality. Taking part in the 17th International specialized exhibition-fair furniture company, the "Alstrom" won the recognition of customers for the quality of manufactured products, for which he was awarded by certificate.