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4-section shelving width 360 mm 2

4-section shelving width 360 mm 2

Brand: Ronikon
Country: Russia, Moscow region, Schelkovo
Contacts: +74959884999
Furniture, sofas and beds all with us! look, think, choose, buy furniture fast!
Delivery: Moscow and within 10 km for the Moscow ring road is free. Of over 10 km outside Moscow additional charge of 20 rubles/km (considered for each km from MKAD). To the apartment Lift freight Elevator is 250 rubles for the whole set. Manual hoist - 150 rubles per floor for the whole set (one contract). Delivery of wardrobes and other furniture is carried out during the day from 10-00 to 22-00. The furniture is delivered unassembled, in packages, indicating the number of places.


Content: four sections of a width of 570 mm with five shelves. Libraries and shelving units ideally suited for storage of books. Bookcases can be in Your office, living room, hallway and any other place. We produce best bookcases to keep Your favorite books and collection of various items Bookshelves and bookshelves can be a great place for sports awards and all that is left is pleasant memories of an unforgettable past times. Furniture for libraries "Ronikon" will not fail and will last a long time. Didn't find anything? can't be! It can't be so! We are all such good quality! Can you try again?

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   Cabinets Factory "Ronikon" is not the first year takes the leading place in the Russian furniture market. Excellent service, skilled workers, and most importantly the high quality of the materials used are the main components of our furniture company. Cabinets factory "Ronikon" offers its products, taking into account dealer network, more than 1,500 salons across the country.

   Major production base of our furniture factory is located in the city of Shchyolkovo in the Moscow region. After the global modernization of the technological Park, which took place in 2009, we have reached a new level of development. The scale of production equipment with modern equipment of leading brands such as Austrian SHELLING, IMA German, Italian BIESSE and SCM, allows to produce huge amount of products, including a variety of wardrobes - more than 100,000 units a year.

Furniture factory "Ronikon" offers a comprehensive range of serial furniture. Cabinets coupe, finished hallways or bedrooms – it's not the whole list of our serial production. Serial software factory "Ronikon" consists of: bedroom, library, shelving, side cabinets, corner terminals, hallways, modular furniture and ready-made cabinets coupe three series.
Furniture factory "Ronikon" is the only Russian manufacturer offering the production of the closet in three price categories: "Economy", "Prestige" and "Luxury" – all your desires at the price and quality! Standard wardrobes manufacture of furniture factory "Ronikon" feature affordable price, modern design, high reliability mechanisms, comfort, convenience and easy operation.
We cooperate only with reliable, reputable companies that supply our company supplies, and carefully check used in the production of chipboard and MDF, as well as components for safety. This approach is a guarantee of conformity of products in our furniture factory to the quality standards applicable in Russia and Europe. This is confirmed by numerous certificates, including those issued by the laboratory CATAS Italian.
The production of wardrobes, the production of interior doors or furniture manufacturing process high-tech and very complicated. And its success largely depends on the equipment used and the professionalism of the people who are working on it.
The production of finished products cabinets factory "Ronikon" is based on a modern complex equipped with the latest technology. The total area of factory is more than 15,000 sq m
Focusing on the changing demands of consumers, the furniture factory "Ronikon" constantly expands the range of manufactured products. The range is regularly updated with new models with different fresh stylistic solutions and original color combinations. The entire range of manufactured furniture is available at the official website of the company. In the catalog online store you can see models made in accordance with current world trends.