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alia sofa evroknizhka

alia sofa evroknizhka

Brand: Top Mebel
Country: PRC (China), Malaysia
Contacts: (495) 721 32 55
Purchase pillows and mattresses! This is very important where to sleep! Love yourself! poquita best!
Delivery: delivery is by agreement with clients: pickup from the supplier's warehouse; service delivery (New Mail, Delivery...); dozagruzhat (associated transport); the delivery service of the store. All possible options are specified in advance and are charged additionally at the customer's expense. Assembly and skid bedroom floor paid extra. Payment is made both in cash and cashless payments. Selected goods we will deliver to You in stated in the order terms. About delivery our managers will inform You in advance for 12-24 hours. Delivery in Kiev and Kiev region is carried out daily. Possible delivery to other regions.


PRODUCTS DESCRIPTION Model: alia sofa evroknizhka A Mechanism-Evroknizhka Materials: solid pine, plywood Frame: Wooden Full size: h B95 Sleeper: h Filler: Orthopaedic spring unit "Snake" along the bed Package contents: Box for clothes, decorative pillows Note: Rate is for a category 1 fabrics Production and delivery: 8-10 days Delivery terms: free on Moscow to the entrance Warranty: 12 months Lifting freight Elevator: 500 rubles Assembly: 200 rubles Production: Russia Go to forest of furniture and get lost in the choices! that's what we can offer you!

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   Company "Top-Furniture" offers you exclusive classic and modern furniture from China and Malaysia. We offer you bedrooms and living rooms, offices and dining group. All furniture is made exclusively from natural organic materials. It is characterized by spaciousness, functionality, originality and the highest quality. Our furniture embodies the time-tested tradition combined with modern trends of ergonomics and comfort, unsurpassed quality and an exclusive design.
  Company "Toplabel" specializes in the import of furniture (Cabinet, dining areas, living rooms, soft) from Malaysia,China and Poland (in stock). The company was founded in 2006 and today is the official representative of 15 furniture factories in Ukraine. We chose those factories, which produce high quality furniture with modern equipment and we value our reputation!
Leading technology and regular customer surveys allow us to do the best!