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Brand: Mebelmoscow
Country: Russia, Moscow
Contacts: +7(499)9689123 +7(495)6783123
Hi! I'm a funny test about furniture that you are looking for! Don't believe? But it is true!
Delivery: In Moscow and the Moscow region Shipping shipping Cost from 2,500 rubles, depending on the furniture set. Leaving for Moscow - 40 rubles for each kilometer. Manual lift furniture: (no freight Elevator, large size furniture) 1 element - 1 floor = 100 rubles. 1 large item - 1 floor = from 250 rubles. Furniture Assembly The cost of the furniture Assembly is determined from retail price From 3% to 9%, depending on the furniture manufacturer and the order volume. Leave the garbage outside the MKAD: - up to 5 km - free - from 5 to 30 km - 30 RUB = 1 km. Note: 1) the delivery, Assembly of furniture is carried out from 10 to 21 hours daily except weekends and holidays. 2) Repeated check-out delivery, Assembly by the purchaser is paid 100% of the cost. 3) Buyer should prepare the workplace for installation of furniture. 4) After completion of the work the buyer accepts the work of specialists on the basis of the application for the provision of services. 5) In case of refusal from services responsibility for quality of delivery, Assembly borne by the buyer. 6) the Goods of good quality, with traces of build-refundable and not exchangeable. 7) Other conditions of work are negotiated separately.


We are working to ensure that you are well and pleasantly situated house, at the cottage and in the office

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Shop since 1999, in Moscow presents furniture and interior items of European and Asian manufacturers. Professional managers in the shortest possible time choose furniture interiors in different style decisions. The company uses the most modern technical and intellectual means. Optimal logistics saves money for most customers.

Furniture with soul
MebelMoscow core values are the employees ' commitment to pay special attention to each client and the belief that this is the basis of our joint success.
We are deeply grateful to its clients, thanks to which our company holds a leading position in the Russian market.
We have completed projects for the beautification of homes and offices based on the products of leading Italian, Spanish, Chinese and other factories.