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Brand: Kresla "Ot i Do"
Domestic furniture from leading manufacturers with careful delivery to your home.


Office chair CHAIRMAN 436, made in natural leather, black. This model is distinguished by its remarkable design, consistency of style, practicality nadeznosti. Wide comfortable backrest with side support will allow the user to maintain correct posture. The ergonomic design of the chairs makes them comfortable and memorable. Optimal selection of materials and components ensures long life. An excellent choice for practical and energetic leaders.Armrests: plastic coated, with soft corename nakedcapitalism swing (TG) fixed seats in the working polozheniyakh: 3 categories according to the standard of Germany DIN non: plastic with napyleniem: BIFMA 5.1 standard (USA); rod diameter 11 mm material – Nylon Furniture, furniture, furniture, relax, look at the interior, there is something his eyes and put to rest.

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