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Link Target

Link Target

Brand: Anturazh
Country: Ukraine
Contacts: +38(050) 7026044;
See reviews about the factories! So you will be able not to step on rakes that are already scuff marks on the faces of your friends
Delivery: terms of delivery Delivery time is 90 days ( depending on the factory and the complexity of the project). Full service - delivery, Assembly of furniture Pre-delivery service Design services for the complete apartment furniture for free. Check out the catalogs at home.


Operational furniture TARGET LINK from Italy is a modern, functional and full of interesting solutions collection. Materials used: chipboard 28 mm thick with melamine coating in several colors: white , Magnolia , beech , light walnut and basswood , with ABS edge, metal for brackets, translucent polycarbonate, metal or fabric used to decorate walls. It is also possible glass table top thickness 12 mm. For consoles are used more contrasting colors of black and brick. If desired, the colour of the caps of the pedestals can be also black or brick. The basis of the model range of the TARGET LINK rectangular tables, which are complemented by the rectilinear forms of consoles, however, this collection possible, and ergonomic work stations with ergonomic consoles. A large number of functional additions: partitions, convenient system of classifiers, hinged crates, a special system for wiring, including built-in tables extendable outlet, will help the optimal way to form the workspace. Thanks to the vast possibilities of the TARGET LINK is a universal system for the entire office The furniture in the house, we were to bring, if necessary will carry out! High quality, fast, and fun! Guaranteed!

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Our company has more than 10 years. We are successfully engaged in manufacturing
- furniture facades on the basis of MDF in PVC film
- radial elements
- exterior of canvas
- interior doors in foil and veneer,
- overlays on metal doors,
- MDF panels based on sketches of any complexity.
As well as the manufacture of Cabinet furniture to order.
We are not standing still and continue to regularly monitor current trends in the furniture market, following which launch new products.
Today our production offers to its customers furniture facades created in 3 D. Thanks to this technology of heat forming, on the surface of MDF for minimum operations, you can draw almost any figure and give the product a desired appearance. It is furniture facades form the overall impression your of furniture.
Our clients appreciate our high quality products, minimum production time of goods, and affordable pricing.
Our managers are
highly qualified professionals, they will help You to choose the required products, to determine color scheme and find the optimal variant of delivery.
A professional engineer will help to create an original style interior, bring Your furniture dreams into reality.