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Office partitions Matrix

Office partitions Matrix

Brand: Slavyanskaya Stolica
Country: Russia, Moscow
Contacts: (495) 642-53-04, (495) 642-53-52
Look ahead! don't look back! and furniture and everything else will come to you! itself!
Delivery: 2. Delivery in Moscow within Moscow ring road (+5 km outside the MKAD) to the TTC orders for a total amount of 39000 rubles and more. We will deliver FREE of charge within Moscow beyond the third ring (Third Ring road) furniture and other items purchased in our company, provided that the order exceeds the amount of 39000 rubles. IMPORTANT! The goods are delivered to the place of unloading. Delivery time depends on the nature of the cargo and its quantity, and specified at the time of placing the order. FREE (to the TTC). If the pass in the center of Moscow within the TTC cost 1800 rubles. From Monday to Friday from 9-00 to 18-00 Delivery is available on weekends and evenings. Additional conditions and cost are discussed individually. The cargo is delivered at a time and cannot be delivered parts. Re-delivery is charged based on the average market prices for this type of service in Moscow. The customer is obliged to provide unimpeded travel of the vehicle to the place of unloading. The time taken for unloading should not exceed 40 minutes. The load is transmitted only when the power of attorney or seal of the organization signature of the responsible person. For individuals, you must have a certification document.


Series of office partitions the Matrix was created by taking into account long experience in the development and sales of mobile office partitions. First office partitions are available as an integral part of the series of furniture. Innovative use of materials allows the MATRIX to be a modern system of mobile partitions. Elegant aluminum frame enhances the beauty of furniture and simplifies the design. Office partitions are a series of MATRIX can easily connect with office partitions series VECTOR. The dimensions of the sections vary within wide limits, sections of different heights connected to each other. Unique connection system module allows you to get a connection at any angle. Provides a good method of mounting add-on components at any height. Due to the peculiarities of the profile, partitioning the MATRIX idealno compatible with the system mounted accessories COMB LINE. Office partitions MATRIX does not require rigid attachment, but for increased stability of the end sections can be fastened to the floor, walls, or be fitted with legs of sustainability. Ratsionalnaya design allows the user easily mount partitions and perform the reconfiguration on their own in the shortest time. If desired, you can connect yourself these same elements without purchasing additional parts. The advantages of partitioning the MATRIX: - Patented aluminium profiles; - Partitions as part of the furniture; - Double glazing; - Door-accordion and door-coupe - The possibility of manufacturing modules of any height up to 200cm and width up to 120 cm; - Mounted and overhead shelves in the color of the furniture; - A new series of accessories Combi Line; - The possibility of using glass with Solar Gard films; - The possibility of repeated disassembly; The best price and quality in its class; - The shortest production time. The cost of office partitions Vector is calculated individually, depending on customer's chosen materials and sizes. Domestic furniture from leading manufacturers with careful delivery to your home.

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  Slavic Capital is a European office furniture in Moscow!
  European quality - this concept serves as a benchmark for the aspirations of the manufacturers of various products in all sectors of the economy, including in the segment of furniture production. In European countries, in legislation to meet high and stringent requirements to the quality of the furniture, in particular office furniture. Materials permitted for production, are crucial tests to contain toxic substances, wear resistance, thermostability. Traditionally, due to the current intense competitive environment, every manufacturer of furniture is seeking to introduce innovative technologies to improve range of furniture, apply the latest materials that naturally holds European furniture at an unattainable level of quality and excellence of design. 
  "Slavic Capital" - the Russian-Belarusian furniture holding company, existing on the market since 2001 year. Own production facilities and partnerships with leading manufacturers of office furniture, furniture for schools, hotels, health, military and other specialized furniture will allow you to support a wide range of actual furniture with regard to modern trends. "Slavic Capital" is one of the most successful Italian distributors of office furniture in Russia.
  the Main task of any Manager is to ensure the effective work of all structures of the enterprise. And external atmosphere in the office takes an important role. Properly selected furniture for the staff promotes the business activity of the company's employees,saves them time, creates the best conditions for accurate execution of duties. Years of research have shown that the quality of the office space directly affects the productivity of employees.
  of Course, completing a variety of office furniture items depends on many factors and requires an individual approach. One thing remains indisputable – office furniture for staff should be durable, comfortable and effective in use. For this reason, it must be resistant to higher mechanical loads, as well as to the effects of strong detergents and other liquids.
  Company "Slavic capital" offers to buy office furniture high quality personnel for diverse performance. It is suitable for both traditional offices and for office of open type, as well as for the so-called "equity" jobs that can best suit employees who most of their working time is spent on visiting clients. Uniform designs make it possible to connect office tables with cabinets, partitions and stanchions. This gives you the opportunity to create a varied composition of furniture and other office equipment, which in turn provides comfort when using them. The tables You will easily choose a variety of office chairs and armchairs with adjusting systems for individual use and stationary, but more economical options for visitors.
  Office furniture for personnel from the company "Slavic capital" helps to solve the challenges of workplace organization, thus making the office interior comfortable and stylish, which saves valuable space. With its help, even in a limited space You can place to work.