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2-x places. Sofa MICHELLE / Size 1430 x 700 x 850

2-x places. Sofa MICHELLE / Size 1430 x 700 x 850

Brand: Kitayskaya Narodnaya Respublika
Country: People's Republic Of China
Contacts: +7(905)745-28-64
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Delivery: Conditions of delivery are indicated in the product. Shipping is listed only for addresses inside the MKAD, the ring road will go paid mileage, even if it is of territoriality Moscow. The frequency of delivery of furniture 2-3 times per week depending on workload. Delivery days are Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (except factories: Dial, Big and Mabelyn). Calling the client is performed upon receipt of the order and before delivery. In addition, if necessary, approval of the individual moments can be intermediate calls. Please note that in the designation of the delivery time when the first call to the client, he can choose between Thursday and the weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Specifically to choose a Saturday or Sunday will not work. The exact day of delivery is not known until Sunday (more likely the delivery will be done on Saturday, less on Sunday). The delivery time frame is assigned to us. Orders for morning delivery interval, typically 1 hour, but for an evening it can reach 4-5 hours. The client has no right to choose the most convenient time.


Sofa made in eco-leather. Size: 1430 x 700 x 850 2 - seater sofa Michelle Size 1430 x 700 x 850 Price 15 600 rubles. 3 - seater sofa Michelle Size 1800 x 700 x 850 Price 20 592 rubles. Chair Michelle Size 800 x 700 x 850 Price 11 700 RUB. It is possible to manufacture a claim. the skin or in fabric of Velour,price check with managers Michelle is the office sofa, which ukrplast perfect balance of elegant and austere forms. Thanks to its big razmeram suitable for any offices. The range consists of twin, three-seater sofa and armchairs. Frame of sofa made of natural wood. The model is made on the basis of elastic tape with the polyurethane foam filler. Large selection of upholstery materials and colors. Try searching for the catalog of furniture - it will help you to find the options you need!

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